Lessons and Training

I feel that bringing confidence and understanding to my students helps them produce the desired result, all in a fun atmosphere!

Communication is a huge part of my training philosophy and allows each person, no matter their skill level, to understand how the horse thinks and how to better communicate with their equine partner through simple horsemanship tools and techniques.

From the beginning rider to the goal oriented competitor, Jenny will teach you how to better communicate with your horse and achieve a true partnership both on the ground and while riding.

Jenny is an ICP Level 1 Certified Instructor through the United States Eventing Association. USDF Bronze medalist.


Spots are open for training board or consignment sales. Horses are worked 5 days a week, and can include lessons as part of package. Travel to local shows and advertising of sales horse included. We can design a program to fit the needs of horses and owners. Please contact Jenny for pricing.


One thought on “Lessons and Training

  1. I’ve ridden snowboards off of cliffs, bikes off of ledges, and slack-lines over gapping holes, but nothing scares me more than riding a horse. You make it look so easy, and friendly. The Wild West lives on thru the presence of stewards like you lady. Ride on!

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